ギャラリー / Gallery
ギャラリー / Gallery

Enjoy the gallery as a prologue for a room

Because of some artists who can help, the gallary machine can grow.
Please enjoy it as a prologue to enter the room.

Sekiguchi Tusneo /RainbowHut 2014

Rainbow is reflecting inside.

Sekiguchi Tusneo / darkHut 2016

RainbowHut and darkHut / Sekiguchi Tusneo

Sekiguchi Tsuneo (from Tochigi prefecture) is world wide artist who works in India and Taiwan. He renovated the lobby into "Rainbow Hut" art space in May of 2014 after working for two months. This work was introduced in NHK Morning News and became popular. In 2016, he made " Ice Rainbow" in the Art Fes.  He has been working for "dark Hut" in Gokukan Art Infection Machine.
His work at Echigo Tsumari Art Festival

Genius of kinetic art, Noda Tomoyuki

Noda Tomoyuki (from Aichi Prefecture) is a kinetic artist who worked at Echigo Tsumari Art Festival in 2012 with "Recycling Art Museum". Also he has been working in Taiwan.
He joined in "Art Barabara Plan (Art pieces plan)" in. He installed more than 10 meters large size installation in front of the Mashu station. Also he changed a 10-tatami mat size room into his world of space. In 2014, he installed the Space series in Gokukan Art Infection Machine.
Welcome to Teshikaga Land Making video

Noda Tomoyuki / Space series2014

Noda Tomoyuki /Welcome to Teshikaga Land2015

Ooops! A toilet can be an art?
Make the whole space into an ART!

The whole space is the art materials.
Walls, stair cases, celling and floor. There are lots more campuses.

The work of glasses are installed in the toilet. / Paf Zen Zen

His themes are "the death", "the sex". He is an artist of glass sculpture and paintings.
In the toilet on the second floor of the building, one of his works is installed. He joined 7 days 7 rooms Museum in 2013.  He installed some of panel paintings along the art road in a woods during the winter.
Work PV of paf/zen zen made 20 years ago

Works of Puf/zen zen(at toilet on the second floor)

Kobayashi Daigo / Live Painting in the summer of 2015

It remains incomplete even in the second year.
Boco Boco Toiret / Koayashi Daigo

Kobayashi Daigo (Tokyo)
Minister of Education Prize in Creative Children's Book
He built Boco Boco Toilet on the first floor of the Art Infection Machine in February of 2015. Since then he has tried to complete the work by the following summer but not yet.  Every time he stays for his art activities, he demonstrates live painting and fascinating the audience.  His other work is installed in EastRoom ( a guest room).
the summer of 2015 Live Painting

the winter of 2015 Picture Cards by Kobayashi Daigo

Kobayashi Daigo / Boco Boco Toilet in 2015

In winter, a little Earth Work.
The backyard becomes an open air museums!

The woods in backyard, to mount, to curve or to make snow flat.
Yukimori art museum, where art works and snow light collaborate


Yukimori art museum in the night

Yukimori Art Museum

Build an open air museum only for winter in the holy woods next to Kawayu Shrine.
Working on the earth campus is wonderful and exciting,
Even the moment of snow melting is the earth worker.

The collaboration of art works and snow light

Simple quiet = rust


You can see the person when you look one's bookshelf.
It is important to know which book to read.

Although we don't have TVs, you can discover many things when you come to the mini-library. We are proud of having such an interesting books. It is not exaggeration to say, Gokukan Art Infection Machine is on the extension of these book collections.

Rusting and to rust are totally different meaning.

Steaming and rust objects