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Onsen / 温泉

The Onsen with history

Long time ago, Kawayu Onsen was called "medicated bath" and many people came to cure. It became the backdrop of famous novel "Memories of Sabita" In the middle of Showa era, a lot of tourists came to visit lake Mashu and an amusement. By that effect, the amusement area was also prospered. But the boom has gone, and only deserted onsen town has remained.

Kawayu Onsen book in 1940's

Even for onsen researchers, the feature of the onsen of abundant self flowing and strong acidity stand out from all the others.

The nature of the spring is strong acid and it is one of the best onsens for fans. Taking advantages of Mr.Iou, the river of its prides itself of the abundant flow of spring.  Nowadays, it has become very rare onsen in Japan.  No need of pumping-up, it has become a valuable onsen in Japan now.

An analytical document in 1960's and recent document

Onsen researchers, who visited many onsens all over Japan, heap praise on this onsen.

The self-flowing onsen from the upstream of Onsen river is clear in nature, but after a couple of minutes it gets white Yunohana (mineral encrustations left by hot springs). It is really a strong onsen particular in Japan. It is rich in mineral and strong acidity. So it is too strong for a wound. (Onsen researcher, Imai Yoshiaki)

West Spring

There are two open air rock baths.
You can enjoy very hot and lower temperature onsen taking turns. There is not shower. When you look up sky in the bath, you see a huge oak tree.

North Spring

There are indoor bath and open air bath with shower facility. You can enjoy stars from the bath. In the mid winter, you can enjoy the view of soft rime on white birch trees.

The crystal of Yunohana is showing complicated building blocks.

East Spring is indoor only. Open air bath is under consideration now.

Available time:

24 hours(except cleaning time)

Chartered bath:

email us in advance to make a reservation.