"Gokukan Art Infection Machine" is a small hotel run and built by artists. Inside of the hotel is the entire art gallery. 4,950 square meters forest itself is the art work of Earth Work.

To become an art and bed museum

Many artists from all over the country stay at the place and install their art works. The goal of this place is to become "Art and Bed Museum plus Onsen" and to make it realize, they keep installation art all the time. 5 years ago, we had 7 days 7 rooms Museum event in Teshikaga. Then, rooms of Onsen hotels were turned into art places. To keep these installation works, we purchased an old accommodation building three years ago and started the art activities. We hope that for art fans, staying at the place can make the distance between arts dracaticly shorter. Also they can get some feelings of "Surprise", "Discover", "Stability" or "Awe"

The hotel with well known onsen.

Not only art works, but also well-known onsen which is one of the strongest and sickest hot springs in Japan. (It is true!)  Self-flowing spring is very rare in Japan now.
In the open air bath, there flow abundant hot spring. It is one of the main hot springs with strong acid in Japan. It dissolves even concrete, metals. Even by its steam, metals are dissolved, Although it is of the headaches of owners of hotels, it has become an "art of corrosion" now.

The Art Fes in the mid winter

In nature of the rich environment of Akan National Park in the east Hokkaido, the Inn stands by the river of Kawayu Onsen town.  It is lose to the lake Mashu and the lake Kussharo. Yunokawa river runs through the north side of the building. In the south, there is Kawayu Shrine. In the west, there is 4,950 square meters forest of red ezo pine and sometimes ezo deers appear. During the mid winter, it gets under 30 degree C.  The collaborations of art, onsen and sever cold create a wonderful space. In February, "Teshikaga Art Festival" is held taking advantage of this environment.
"YukiMori Art Museum" is opened at a frigid grove during a period.



海外サイトから写真などでイメージしわざわざ来てくれる欧州系の外国人。直島は勿論、瀬戸内、妻有妻有など国際的アートフェスも彼らは知っている。そういえば、以前 直島で乗ったバスでは90%が外国の人だったなと思い出しました。アートインの印象を米国のレカイスラエルのマヤ が語ってくれました。