It is not the accoomdation fee but your support for the creative activities.

We are not asking accommodation fee but we ask you to support us by paying administration cost and cost for art activities. The money collected from guest will got to support creating works after taking necessary expense. If you want to build a art museum, please come and stay at this art inn. We have just 3 rooms and all cost same. All rooms are 50 to 60 square meters large (with adjoining room), so to speak suite rooms of hotels.
Also, the room No.1 and No.3 have large balconies. Exclusive use of open air bath is also available by 3,000 yen additional cost. These room charges don't include meals.

Room Charge:

16,000 yen (2 person for a room)  13,000 yen per person

Same room charge for all three rooms, including Onsen fee, consumption tax.5
Single use is also available from 13,000 yen.

*Please put futon anywhere you like.





No.1 room (Eastroom)
Living, bedroom and rest room

50 square meters Balcony 25 square meters  ■Link


No.2 room (Southroom) 
⇒Living, bedroom, daybed, restroom
50 square meters  ■Link


No.3 room (Westroom) 
⇒Living, bedroom, restroom
About 60 square meters Balcony 20 square meters   ■Link


These prices are as of December, 2016
Prices are subjected to change.
Meals will be available from April, 2017.