お部屋 壱 / Room No.1
お部屋 壱 / Room No.1

Room No.1

The beer drinking on the exclusive balcony after taking bath is something special!

Bedroom&Living&restroom about 50 square meters + Balcony 25 square meters

The balcony will be under snow during winter.

Living room, bed room and powder room and large balcony


Ban Sousui / Lantingji Xu

Ban Mikio / winter of Teshikaga by rusty corrugated iron roof

Something wondering atmosphere of the bed room. The living room where people can't help looking outside with drinking beer. A strange powder room. From the wooden balcony of viewing onsen river, people can reach to oak trees. This is the special room to get relax. Although they are not in the room, there are open air bath or indoor bath which guest can get all to themselves.

Ban Mikio / Painting A

Ban Mikio / Painting B

Powder Room

Three artists were involved in this room. Ban Sousui, the top young calligrapher in Japan. He was drunken when he wrote "Lantingji Xu" in the bed room. Mr.Ban Mikio expressed the winter of Teshikaga by using old roofing materials. Mr.Kobayashi Daigo offered his fusuma painting and objects to Art Inn.

Kobayashi Daigo / Lake Mashu (Fusuma painting)

Kobayashi Daigo / Object

Exclusive balcony