お部屋 弐 / Room No.2
お部屋 弐 / Room No.2

Room No.2

An artist who can make a dramatic change is wanted.

Bedroom&Living &DaybedRoom&restroom 55㎡

*The restroom is exclusive but it is outside of the room.
It is not included in the area figure above.


Living room , bed room with daybed



There is a bed on a large room. There is a glass object in Japanese style living room. The exclusive toilet is outside but it is an astonishing space.
It is recommended to read books on the day bed. It is still not strange yet.

Zen /ZEn room with Bed room

Three artists are involved in this room.  Zen Zen for the toilet, Zen for the bed room and Nakajima Azusa for the living room. She installed a glass object. As the room still have enough space (campus), we would like young artists to join the creative works.

Zen/ZEn /A new Japanese flag 2013

pufZen zen the toilet with his work