お部屋 参 / Room No.3
お部屋 参 / Room No.3

Room No.3

West room Kotatsu room and Sunset viewing terrace

Bedroom + Living + restroom = about 60㎡ Balcony 20㎡

*The balcony will be under snow during winter time.

Deer Living room, a bed room with Kotatsu Sunset viewing balcony


The winter view from the balcony.

What about soaking yourself by staying in the strange world of Noda Tomoyuki's Space Series 3, where a stuffed deer is moving dynamically. If you are OK with watching, but don't like to stay with the deer, you can stay in a room with Kotatsu.

*Kotatsu is a small table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt.

On the north side, there is a sunset viewing balcony and from it, you may be able to see ezo deers in the woods, Although it is apart from the bathroom, we can provide you with an exclusive open air bath as well.
Noda Tomoyuki is the solo artist who ivolved in this room. He is a kinetic artist. (Kinetic art is the art that depends on motion for its effects.) A new artist will install something new in this Kotatsu room.

The room with Kotatsu Entrance

Female guests who stayed with the Space series of Noda are by herself are just two so far. Why don't you try?

The bed room with Ryukyu tatami mats